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Buy Shroom tea Online – Shrooms Teas For Sale, for every strain we carry, our shroom teas come in  different flavours – Lemon Ginger (Transkei), Licorice Leaf(Golden Teacher), and Pumpkin spice (Ecuadoran)- each containing 1.2  grams of your favourite psilocybe. Wrap in standard teabags, these should be brew and steep like traditional tea, in warm, not boiling water.

Appearance Of Shrooms Teas;

Shrooms teas are clearly labeled with strain names on each package, these teas should be kept in a dry place and consumed within a year of purchase. Each strain presents itself differently to the physiology of differing individuals.


Factoring in their body mass, mental state and their comfort with their surroundings, and depending on your body and your dosage, it can take anywhere between 10 and 40 minutes for the initial effects to begin, so we strongly advise waiting 4 hours before consuming another tea. As with all shroom products, keep these well out of the reach. Of pets, minors, pregnant or nursing women and anyone who isn’t on board for an incredible psychedelic journey.


A beverage made with psilosibin containing mushrooms. Normally, the mushrooms are chop up and boil in water. The tea can be anywhere from a yellow color to dark purple or black. One advantage to taking shrooms this way is that they kick in much faster.

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